Peter Fletcher's Home Page

The New Me!

....or, at least, my new web pages! Having retired from the British National Health Service and followed Chris to Illinois towards the end of 2007, I finally (June, 2009) got around to updating the family website and my pages within it, and I continue (albeit sometimes in a somewhat desultory fashion!), to keep it updated. The new sites hopefully are a better advertisement for Arrowflight Data Services, my IT and internet consulting sideline, than was its very dated predecessor. For the geek (or the merely interested!), the new sites were originallyly created in Microsoft Expressions Web 2 and 3 (I now use Dreamweaver). The site design makes extensive use of CSS and is intended to be fully standards-compliant. Please let me know if something seems to be broken, as viewed in your browser, particularly if you are not using Edge or a recent version of IE or Firefox.

I am continuing to enjoy retirement and being "Dr. Fletcher's husband", and am having little difficulty finding more than enough to do to occupy my time.

I know that Chris joins me in hoping that any of our friends from "the other side of the pond" who may be planning trips to the United States will try to look us up. Chicagoland is easy to get to by air (less so by any other form of transportation, at least from either coast!), Chicago is a great city to visit, and we have plenty of space for guests in our new home.

Contact Info

You can most easily reach me by email at . If I am home, I will usually be able to get back to you right away, and I am generally able to check my email a few times a day even if I am away.